Civil litigation

Field of inheritance:

  • Advising on inheritance under Will and inheritance at law;
  • Advising on solving disputes arisen from splitting the inheritance.

Field of labor:

In order to avoid legal risks that may occur between Employees and Enterprises, VEGA LAW FIRM helps customers select the most effective solutions through the following labor services:

  • Advising on labor legislation in Vietnam;
  • Drafting, verifying the legality and participating in negotiation of Labor contract, Collective labor agreement, Labor regulation;
  • Advising on the order and procedures for registration of Labor regulation, Collective labor agreement and establishment of Trade union;
  • Advising on the order and procedures for termination of labor contract and legal interests after termination of labor relations;
  • Advising on the order and procedures for handle violations of labor discipline and material liability;  
  • Advising on the conditions, order and procedures for the recruitment and employment of foreign labor; drafting application for Work permits for foreigners working in Vietnam;
  • Setting up the record of legal action, participating in litigation or representing clients in the process of resolving a labor dispute.

Field of marriage and family

  • Advising on procedures and conditions for marriage registration at home and abroad;
  • Advising on procedures and building up a dossier on unilateral divorce and no-fault divorce;
  • Advising on dispute resolution of custody of the children, property upon divorce or after divorce;
  • Advising on the procedure for changing custodians after divorce;
  • Advising on education, care of children after divorce;
  • Advising on procedures for identifying father and/or mother for child, or identifying child for father and/or mother;
  • Advising on maintenance after divorce;
  • Advising on procedures for domestic and foreign adoption;
  • Advising on procedures for determining the personal property of the couple during the marriage.

Other fields according to customer's requirement.