Dispute resolution

Arising dispute is undesirable and unavoidable. But whichever method of dispute resolution that best suits your case: negotiation or participation in the proceedings at the Court / Arbitration?

Our approach

VEGA LAW FIRM will help clients understand the legal nature of the case, consider the advantages and disadvantages of the solution, so that clients make the right decision in the most profitable direction.

Our services

  • Services that VEGA LAW FIRM provides is as follows:  
  • Joining with clients or representatives of clients in negotiating and mediating before bringing the case to the competent authority;
  • Setting up the record of legal action, guiding the implementation of procedures of legal action;
  • Evaluating evidence and guiding clients to gather evidence;
  • Appointing a lawyer to participate in the proceedings or an authorized representative at the request of the clients at competent Court or Arbitration.