Trading counterfeit goods on E-commerce site

Recently, counterfeit goods have appeared on e-commerce, which is not only damaged the online business environment but also cause harmful effect on the benefits for buyers and true sellers. Especially, it leads to losing consumers’ trust in choosing this form of trading.

Lawyer Le Hung – Chairman of Vega Law Firm said that the seller is responsible for providing fully, accurately and completely information about their the goods and services, and the management authorities had to be responsible for handling the consumer feedback. In addition, the buyer also should be aware of selecting products with inadequate pricing market.

According to the laws, individuals and organizations who trading or producing counterfeit goods may be faced with the administrative sanctions by fine and got additional penalties such as being seized products, suspended the business activities, deprived the right to use a business license for a specified period of time, etc. Even they may be punished under criminal legislation if the violation is serious.
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