The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs is focusing on developing a dossier of the Law on Social Insurance (amended) to submit to the Government for approval and submit it to the Standing Committee of the National Assembly for inclusion in the 2023 Law and Ordinance Development Program for comments at the sixth session of the 15th National Assembly.

This is the content of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs has just reported to the Social Committee of the National Assembly on the activities of the industry in the field of Labor and Social Affairs.

Accordingly, the Law on Social Insurance will be amended based on the spirit of Resolution 28 of the Central Executive Committee on social insurance policy reform.

Specifically, the Law on Social Insurance will concretize appropriate provisions to reduce the status of one-time social insurance benefits in the direction of increasing benefits if employees reserve the time to participate in social insurance to enjoy the pension regime, reduce benefits if they enjoy social insurance once. Amending regulations to encourage employees to participate in social insurance for longer periods of time; reforms in formulating and organizing the implementation of policies to strengthen trust and increase the satisfaction level of participants in the social insurance system.

In addition, the amendment of the Law on Social Insurance is also to enhance compliance, reduce the situation of evasion and late payment of social insurance premiums. Continue to improve the salary regulations to encourage and attract employees to return to work...

Regarding the one-time increase in social insurance benefits, Vietnam's social insurance also said that before deciding to enjoy one-time social insurance, employees should carefully consider and think about the benefits of enjoying the retirement benefits at the end of the working age. In particular, in the coming time, the State will amend the Law on Social Insurance, according to which, employees will easily have access and enjoy pensions when conditions for enjoying pensions in the direction of gradually reducing the number of years of minimum social insurance payment from 20 years to 15 years.

"In addition, the State will build a multi-layered social insurance system to create optimal conditions for employees to access and enjoy the benefits of long-term retirement regimes..." - Vietnam Social Insurance said.


People's rights when participating in social insurance

About pensions: Employees are entitled to monthly pensions. The pension level is not a fixed level at the time of retirement but is periodically adjusted to increase to ensure value.

In the past two years, although the economic situation of our country is difficult, the pension has been adjusted to the general level of 7.4% from January 1, 2022. This shows that the State's policy is very concerned about the income of pensioners.

Regarding health insurance benefits (health insurance): Pension beneficiaries are granted free health insurance cards from the time of pension entitlement to death with high benefits (the pensioner's health insurance benefits are 95%, while the health insurance benefits of household health insurance participants are 80%). In old age, the risk of facing more diseases and diseases, so sharing most of the funding from health insurance funds will reduce the economic pressure on their families.

Regarding the death regime: During the period of pension entitlement, unfortunately the pensioner dies, relatives will enjoy the death regime including:

First, the funeral allowance is equal to 10 times the base salary at the month in which the pensioner dies.

Secondly, the monthly death allowance (the allowance equal to 50% or 70% of the base salary) or the one-time death allowance.


Source: PLO